unless otherwise agreed upon, shipping will be carried out to the address provided by the customer. if the client has ordered a number of different articles, they might be sent in different shipments. however, shipping cost will only be charged once.

all shipments are made via dhl, ups or fedex. all shipments are insured against theft and accidental damage. upon receipt of shipment and written acknowledgement, this insurance coverage ceases to exist.

within the eu, the articles will be ready to ship the following day of the order. generally, the shipment will arrive within 3 to 7 working days, depending on the destination. if the customer chooses to prepay via wire transfer, the goods will only be shipped the day after we have received the payment.

as soon as we have shipped the order, the client will receive an email stating the ups or dhl tracking number. the client can check the status of the shipment via the tracking link until the package has arrived at the delivery address.

currently, we are shipping to the following countries with the following shipping fees:

country shipping delivery (working days) approx. shipping fees
Andorra UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Austria UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Azores UPS Express Saver 3-7 69,90 €
Belgium UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Bulgaria UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Canary Islands UPS Express Saver 3-7 69,90 €
Croatia UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Cyprus (southern part) UPS Express Saver 3-7 69,90 €
Czech Republic UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Denmark UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Estonia UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Finland UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
France UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Germany DHL Standard/
UPS Standard
3-7 0,00 € - 8,90 €
Great Britain* UPS Standard 3-7 29,90 €
Greece UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Hungary UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Ireland UPS Standard 3-7 29,90 €
Italy UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Latvia UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Lithuania UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Luxemburg UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Madeira UPS Express Saver 3-7 69,90 €
Malta UPS Express Saver 3-7 69,90 €
Monaco UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Netherlands UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Poland UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Portugal UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Rumania UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Slovakia UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Slovenia UPS Standard 3-7 13,90 €
Spain UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €
Sweden UPS Standard 3-7 19,90 €


we can also deliver to countries, which are not mentioned in the above table. please inquiry details concerning shipping fees, taxes and duties by sending us an email to or call our customer service team on +49 89 20 00 752 52.

*for delivery options to great britain, please contact our styling experts using the contact details mentioned above.

our website will soon be officially opened for switzerland and liechtenstein and usa. these countries will then have their own website link, with prices in their respective currencies.


taxes and duties

taxes and duties within the eu:

for products, which will be shipped within the eu, no extra taxes or duties will be due. the prices and shipping costs include vat and are thus listed as gross prices.

taxes and duties for countries outside of the eu:

our online boutique is momentarily only shipping within the eu. for any other countries, please inquiry details by sending us an email to or call our customer service team on +49 89 20 00 752 52 (mo - fr, 10-18h). our team will be very happy to assist you!