Perfume "Purple Leather"
Perfume "Purple Leather"
Perfume "Purple Leather"
Perfume "Purple Leather"
Perfume "Purple Leather"

Perfume "Purple Leather"

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The moment when you sense your inner rock star awakening; that feeling of standing center stage, the heat of the spotlights blazing on your skin, basking in wave after wave of thunderous applause; frolicking, unabashed on the fringe; quite sexy, a little impetuous, and always cool; a symphony of olfactory dissonance: oriental, fruity, floral; a warm spice base with a hint of orange blossoms, cherry and heliotrope. 

Please note that for hygienic reasons you can only return perfumes if they are in their original packaging and the foil wrapping is unopened!

To test the perfumes in advance, please contact our customer service. We will be happy to send you samples upon request.


  • oriental - fruity
  • top: cherry, licorice
  • heart: orange flower, rose heliotrope
  • base: vanilla, tonka bean, patchouli
  • 90ml
  • return policy: only if the product is unused, completet and it has the original packaging
  • Delivery to UK excluded 
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