spring/summer 2019 défilé

#hardtoget video

sie wirkt so kühl … #hardtoget

unapproachable // brave // aloof // courageous
shoulders // collars // sleeves // legs
ruffles // smock // ruching // slits
iridescent // illuminous // reflective // sparkling
silver // lilac // lemon // khaki
sequins // moiré // popeline // jersey
zigzag // camouflage // chevron // squares
strength // confidence // hope // salvation

unattainable, courageous, brilliant: our spring/summer 2019 collection is an ode to all women who take what they want when they want it.

strong shoulders as fluttering flounce, infinity sleeve or flowing cape.  an emphasis on strength with feminine features such as ruffles and frills, tongue-in-cheek details and seductive slits are the insignia of power.

disco glam and sports couture join forces to create the wardrobe of the future. athletic bomber jackets and dazzling cocktail and evening dresses in sparkling, iridescent, metallic and sequin dreams.

safari and camouflage-inspired dresses appeal to your adventurous spirit with cosmopolitan understatement in shades of silver, nude, khaki, lemon and black.


discover the spring/summer 2019 looks here

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