Perfume "Purple Sequins"
Perfume "Purple Sequins"
Perfume "Purple Sequins"
Perfume "Purple Sequins"
Perfume "Purple Sequins"

Perfume "Purple Sequins"

€ 160

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When you’re hitting the hottest clubs with your crew; dancing the night away in your high heels, scintillating like a celestial orb; scanning the room, accepting a frosty cocktail sent by a secret admirer; completely oblivious to time as dawn begins to break; sexy and self-confident, woody and spicy; a chance meeting of amber and myrrh accompanied by sweet notes of vanilla and spicy pepper.

The look Dominique4: uncomplicated glamour; loosely fitted; a dress with short length and fluttering flounces which invite you to the dance floor; sequins sparkle on a floral background.

  • woody - spicy
  • top: black pepper, incense
  • heart: leathery, rose, jasmine
  • base: myrrh, vanilla, patchouli, ambery
  • 90 ml
  • return policy: only if the product is unused, complete and it has the original packaging
  • Delivery to UK excluded 
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