fall/winter 2018/19 défilé collection

what do you think of when you think of germany? bauhaus, berlin, bach? perhaps pretzels and beer? automobiles? you might not be aware that germany has a very strong culture of traditional clothing. these lavishly handcrafted garments are not simply taken out of mothballs, dusted off and repaired once a year for the oktoberfest; in many cases, they have a daily relevance for a substantial portion of rural society. dotting the landscape are dozens of small villages, from the northern tip of germany in amrum to the most southern point in oberstdorf, each with their own identity, where these clothes are sewn, worn, cared for, treasured.

tracht« it‘s called and it is an integral part of life and worn to celebrate anything from the birth of a baby, to a wedding, religious events, holidays and culture festivals. which is – when you get right down to it – kind of, no, precisely what we do!

the beloved motto GLAUBE LIEBE HOFFNUNG // FAITH LOVE HOPE is symbolized by a cross, a heart and an anchor where every fabric, every color, every flower, lace, embroidery, bead, pearl and bow has distinct significance.


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we begin our journey with an embroidered white cotton eyelet blouse trimmed with a lace border beaded with thousands of pearls and rhinestones combined with a magnificent floral fil coupé midi trouser. that same fil coupé reappears in a brilliantly cut oversized cape gown, slightly transparent and closed with a three dimensional floral embroidered collar. a spangled tweed coat topped with a hand-painted silk devoré velvet midi dress & trouser combination. a bomber jacket made from a lurex and silk organza jacquard reminiscent an alpine vista combined with a guipure sequin skin midi skirt. chunky cashmere knit worn with a pair of midi trousers of black silk degradé jacquard. a fringed floral fil coupé in a melange of lavender, lilac, green and canard midi gown. a heavily embroidered velvet gown featuring our three symbols... a chartreuse green cocktail dress of pure silk moiré with accents of sequins and eyelet.

so, keep the FAITH, LOVE one another and let‘s all HOPE for the best.


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