Mask2 majestic GS10 490

Mask2 majestic GS10 490

mask made of pleated metallic voile, color majestic

€ 59

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Product information

Setzen Sie mit unseren Fashion-Masken aus exklusiven Talbot Runhof Stoffen in diesen herausfordernden Zeiten ein stylishes Statement. 

Die Maske ist aus hygienischen Gründen vom Umtausch ausgeschlossen.

Diese Gesichtsmaske dient nur als Mund-Nasen- und Hygieneabdeckung, unterliegt keiner Norm und wird auf Eigenverantwortung getragen.



Intended for private use only. No medical device or personal protective equipment. Not suitable for use in health care, as occupational safety or other protective equipment to protect against infections or other polutants. Read the additional product an usage information before use. If mouth-nose masks are used for other purposes despite instructions / labeling from the manufacturer, this is the responsibility of the user.

Instructions for use

  • The mask is not a medical device or is personal protective equipment (see disclaimer)
  • The Mask is only intended for private use, especially not as protective equipment against infections and other pollutants or for use in health care or as occupational safety
  • The mask should be worn over mouth and nose. The nose clip must be adjusted to the shape of the nose. The sealing fit of the mask is decisive for the effetiveness of the mask. Please note that if you have a beard, you may not get the seal you want
  • If the mask becomes moist, remove the mask or change it
  • In order to avoid contamination, directly after use, seal your mask in an airtight plastic bag and wash immediately 
  • Hands should be washed with soap and / or cleaned with a suitable disinfectant before and after removing or touching the mask
  • Care: maximum recommended washing temperature is 60 degrees
  • Please wash before wearing the first time
  • If mouth-nose masks are used for other purposes despite instructions / labelling from the manufacturer, this is the responsibility of the user
material & care
  • Composition:

    • Main fabric: 55% Polyestere, 45% Metallic

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